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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” 
– Abraham Lincoln & Peter Drucker

About Me

Today, creating your ideal future is more viable than ever before. My name is Gina Stenback and I’m on a mission to help you create that future! 

Yes visionary leader, I have made it my mission to help you attract your ideal clients, create a stream of raving fans, fill your programs and most importantly do it while saving time, money and headaches. 


I do this by helping you focus on the highest return marketing for your business. I use my content marketing expertise and unique wholistic approach to create a content marketing system that aligns with your message, values and brand strategy. Putting you front and center in the marketplace so your most ideal clients can find you. 

Who I Work With

  • You are a visionary entrepreneur, a change maker, an industry expert

  • You have a unique gift and a signature system to share with the world

  • You are full of passion and commitment to making an impact

  • You know your zone of genius and your ideal clients completely

  • You are already building a business you are proud of 


Your clients need that unique gift you have, but first, they have to find you. Your success, getting the right clients, filling your programs and workshops depends on being visible in all the right places! 


But with endless list of social media platforms, email marketing campaigns, list building, blogs, content pieces that need to go out… Plus all your “must do’s” 


How do you juggle it all? Manage the business, serve your clients, stay on top of your health, sanity and everything else on your plate? All while serving your tribe and making your impact?


That’s Where I Come In!


When we work together, I take the time to understand your audience, learn and “speak” your brand voice, package and distribute your content in all the right channels for you and your business. “Your Vision is My Mission”


What Drives Me


My passion started with seeing the pain, frustration and wasted time many visionary entrepreneurs like yourself go through on a daily basis that can easily be avoided. 


See, I’ve Been There Too! 


I was once, in your shoes. I was the “overwhelmed”, “do-it-all-myself”, coaching and online entrepreneur. A wellness coach that was “too busy” to focus on her own self-care, ironic right?! I know! 


This madness actually led me to a new passion, and immersed myself in learning all things content marketing, content creation, distribution and copywriting.


I take a unique holistic approach to your content and digital marketing needs. My passion is to create a customized content marketing plan so you can authentically connect with your audience and make that journey your very own. I want you to make that big impact; I want you to wow your audience and succeed in making yours and your clients’ lives better. I want you to have your part in making our world a better place. I take great pride in giving you the gift of time, so you can do what you do best.

Things I’m Grateful For 

  • My morning coffee 

  • A day at the beach

  • A good hike on a hot, sunny day

  • Exploring new places! (Countries, cities, coffee shops, beaches and reefs, mountain trails, breweries, wineries, restaurants)

  • Inspiring biz podcasts 

  • The best tribe of women and clients I get to work with!