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First, let's talk about you! 

Yes visionary leader, I have made it my mission to help you save time and simplify your marketing so you can attract your ideal clients, fill your programs and sell your products with confidence and ease. 


  • You are a bold entrepreneur, a change maker, an industry expert

  • You have a unique gift and a signature system to share with the world

  • You know your zone of genius and your ideal clients completely

  • You are full of passion and commitment to making an impact

  • And You’re not afraid to do what it takes to carve your own path to success 

Your clients need the solution you have, but first, they have to find you. Your success, getting the right clients, filling your programs and selling your services depends on being visible in all the right places! 


​But with endless list of social media platforms, email marketing campaigns, list building, blogs, content pieces that need to go out… Plus all your business “must do’s” 


How do you juggle it all? Manage the business, serve your clients, stay on top of your sanity and everything else on your plate? All while serving your tribe and making your impact?


That’s Where I Come In!

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”  - Abraham Lincoln & Peter Drucker

​My name is Gina Stenback and I’m on a mission to help you create that future! I do this by helping you focus on the highest return marketing for your business. My goal is to save you time with a simplified marketing approach. 


When we work together, I take a “whole-listic” approach to customizing the best marketing roadmap specific to where your business is today. I help you craft your winning message and build a streamlined strategy that speaks to your ideal clients and puts your expertise in all the right channels for you and your business.


Imagine having a simple marketing strategy with copy that grabs the audience that wants exactly what you have to offer turning your business into a client attracting machine. 

What Drives Me


My passion started with seeing the pain, frustration and wasted time many visionary entrepreneurs like yourself go through on a daily basis that can easily be avoided. 


See, I’ve Been There Too! 


I was once in your shoes. I was the “overwhelmed”, “do-it-all-myself”, coaching and online entrepreneur. A holistic health coach “too busy” to focus on her own health, ironic right? And yes, it led to burnout and failure. This madness led me to fiercely immerse myself in all things marketing: content, messaging, copywriting and launch strategy. 


Fortunately, I didn’t come into this new passion with zero marketing experience. After 20 years of being a serial entrepreneur in the fitness and health industry, I knew a thing or two about marketing and sales. As a former gym owner way before Facebook ads and Google analytics were a thing, I had to master the art of direct response marketing and developed my own “copywriting” gene (one of my favorite power tools today).


Today, I’m more committed than ever to help entrepreneurs simplify their marketing so they can focus on what matters most, serving their clients and making their impact. 

Want to know how to start simplifying your marketing today?

Things I’m Grateful For 

  • My morning coffee! There's not much that equates to the pleasure from that first sip of organic goodness. 

  • A day at the beach

  • A long hike on a hot, sunny day

  • An exhilarating snowshoe adventure also on a sunny day ;) 

  • Exploring new places! From mountain trails to beaches, from cities to coffee shops, from breweries to wineries... I live to explore! 

  • Inspiring biz podcasts 

  • The best tribe of women in my private community 

  • The rockin' clients I get to work with! 

  • Last, but definitely not least my amazing husband, soulmate and biggest supporter  

Let's get to know each other better!

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